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Tavistock, Crease Lane Cutting

The site is an abandoned railway cutting on the line of the former London and South Western Railway route from Exeter to Plymouth around the north and west of Dartmoor.

Although occasional news items debate the merit of diverting the Dawlish line away from the sea, the offices of West Devan District Council already stands athwart the track bed so that re-opening is not seen as a realistic obstruction.

The site is 160m long, 25m wide at its widest and a maximum of 8m deep. The proposal is for a cycle track (which could even be replaced by a railway line) along the old track bed, and a series of seven houses standing signal box-like on the western cutting side. Access is via the cycle track.

By means of the cycle track and the houses are arrayed in a gentle crescent ring and falling along the cuttings length.

Tavistock, Crease Lane Cutting

  Tavistock - click for full size image


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