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Low Wood House, Birmingham

Low Wood is a large Grade II listed house of 1910 in a predominantly Edwardian area of Harborne. Designed by the Arts and Crafts architect E F Reynolds, it has fine well-preserved interiors and a matching circular observatory in the garden. The garden, now substantially reduced in extent with 1990s houses built on the rest, is uninspiring and a unworthy setting for the house.

A series of garden works includes new gates, a new paved terrace, garden steps, sunken pool, a rill and pergola set within the existing levels and form of the garden and its mature trees.

The first phase of the garden works comprising of a stone terrace, planters and a pool is now complete Bricks from Furness and stone from Rand and Asquith closely match the existing house and with the planting maturing, the new works provide a more worthy step from house to garden. It is to be hoped that the restoration of the observatory can begin before the weather causes more serious damage to the fabric.

Low Wood House, Birmingham






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