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Master Planning

Various Projects

Marshall & Kendon have produced Master Plans for several clients and sites, in some cases (e.g. USAR, Nailsea) leading to built projects, in others not. At least not yet!



Master Planning and Feasibility Studies.

Kings Weston Self Build.
Bright Green Futures is a Bristol-based venture helping self-builders achieve bespoke and affordable homes. Having recently completed the Courtyard Cheltenham Rd BS6, they have acquired a large suburban site surrounding a redundant brick built reservoir. The site on which Bright Green Futures wish to enable 24 self builders to build their own houses will be the subject of a planning application comprising a masterpan and a series of generic house types on the basis of which self builders will be invited to buy into the project. Once a masterplan is agreed, we hope to help individual housebuilders develop and adapt the generic house types to create their own bespoke, sustainable and affordable homes.
The masterplan itself will aim to propose a coherent proposal for the whole site making the most of the slopes, existing trees and the modified presence of the reservoir.

Bristol Memorial Woodlands.
Bristol Memorial Woodlands was established in 2001 on farmland in the Green Belt north of Bristol, and consists of several woodland areas, some mature, others more recently planted, and meadows surrounding converted agriculture buildings which serve as Chapel and Reception Room for funerals and burial services.
These facilities are offered exclusively and without pressure of time to allow funerals to take place without the haste and impersonality of some alternatives.
Since this can involve both Chapel and Reception rooms, as well as the surrounding gardens being offered on an exclusive whole day basis, Bristol Memorial Woodlands wishes to create a second Chapel with associated Reception rooms and a Chapel of Rest with dedicated gardens and car parking.
The design of these buildings and a Masterplan fitting them to the landscape and the existing buildings is under way. A planning application is to be made and construction is likely to take a year.

Henleaze Lake.
We have recently won a competitive interview to produce a masterplan for the swimming club at Henleaze Lake, a former quarry in suburban Bristol.
A long waiting list testifies to the popularity of the club whose facilities, though quirky and fun, could be better, not least to enjoy more year round usage. Many members are members at Clifton and the aim will be to show how additional facilities can enhance the club while retaining its character and appeal.

Egypt Mill, Nailsworth.
Egypt Mill comprises a group of Listed former mill buildings on the Nailsworth Stream as well as a substantial area of land including parts of the former Station yard. The mill itself was converted to a hotel and restaurant some years ago (the owner lives in the Miller's House). The Master Plan addresses expansion of the Hotel as well as some residential development as well as conservation within the wooded course of the Nailsworth Stream.

USAR, Nailsea.
Marshall & Kendon produced the initial feasibility study for expansion of the Fire Station as part of the National Resilience Program introduced in 2005. Reviewing several sites and then proposing various options for new accommodation, the report was adopted and lead to the commission for the new Urban Search & Rescue Station which we completed in 2010.

Temple Back HQ (AFRS).
Marshall & Kendon have produced a Master Plan for options on the city centre site, reviewing development options for the site and considering the Fire Service's future operational needs.
The resulting report, which embodies local planning policies and issues such as flood protection, makes outline proposals for a new Service Headquarters as well as broadly quantifying various options for redevelopment on the surplus site area.

Crump Farm, Pucklechurch.
Crump Farm consists of a 17th century Listed house with several barns and sheds also within the curtilage. A Master Plan to develop a coherent response to the site as a whole is under way. This will include proposals for repair and re-use of the former farm buildings as well as proposals for new buildings within the historic pattern.

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