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Listed Buildings

The Lido, Bristol
Railway Hotel, Gloucestershire
Thames Lido, Reading
Host Street, Bristol
Egypt Mill, Gloucestershire
Low Wood House, Birmingham
Brook Farm, Wiltshire
Goldbrick House, Bristol
Pen Pont House, Powys
Widden House, Gloucestershire
Crump House, South Glos
Palace Hotel, Bristol
Townend Cottage, Gloucestershire

Pen Pont House, Powys

The project was the conversion of premises from furniture showrooms etc to bars and restaurant. The accommodation was spread over five floors of two listed buildings on a steep street; whilst this could be refurbished into a charming rabbit warren, there was no connected space for kitchens.

The solution involved excavating a basement under a rear building while extending it at the same time to give dining rooms and roof terrace.


Pen Pont House, Powys







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